waste management solutions.

2 Sizes

Max flexibility

Medium, 290 x 490 x 610
Large, 290 x 490 x 730

3 Lids Options

Ever Eco

Selecto Premium offers 3 different recycling lid options: for cans, paper or with handle

4 Icon Stickers

No MiXtakes

Every Selecto Premium includes a sticker set with 4 unique waste type icons for easy waste separation


Providing a clean and inviting environment for kids, employees and customers plays a vital role in the way your institute or business is perceived. Therefore, effectively managing the waste on a daily basis is highly important.
Our waste management solutions make it easier for you to select the right product to suit your business environment.
Our wealth of experience working with customers in a wide range of industries means we can help you to select the most effective options to suit your business.

High quality plastic bin

for indoor waste separation

  • 3 lid options

  • Bag Holder

  • Bag Holder


Selecto Premium

  • Fits also in the tightest spaces
  • TÜV certification on all bins and lids
  • Integrated handle – for easy carrying and lifting
  • Integrated bag holder – ensures the correct fit of your waste bag.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet – avoids movement in use and protects flooring

2 Sizes

290 x 490 x 610 (H)
60l – 80l
48 pcs
290 x 490 x 730 (H)
80l – 100l
48 pcs

3 Lids

You can choose out of 3 different recycling lid options for easy waste separation. The lids are designed for the most efficient and convenient use. For that reason, they are sloping and higher in the back.


For Cans

The round opening is suitable for cans, bottles, cups and other smaller pieces of waste.


For Paper

The slim long opening is suited to paper, magazines, newspapers, pizza cartons and other foldable paper or cardboard waste.


With Handle

Picking up the lid allows you to use the whole opening of the bin. The completely closed lid with handle prevents bad odours. It can be perfectly used for organic or bad smelling garbage, as well as for bigger rubbish that does not fit into the lid openings.

Recycling labels

Every SELECTO PREMIUM includes a sticker set with 4 unique waste type icons for easy waste separation, Ø 12.

Providing a simple and intuitive solution for waste separation based on individual colour, lid and icon combinations. Manage your waste effectively.

Colour options

For Cans

For Paper

With Handle

If you are searching for a simple but elegant bin
for space saving waste management

is the perfect solution

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